Three months ago, you broke my heart.

Marshall: All that crap you said to me about “we need to figure out who we are outside of us, and we need to learn to do things on our own.”. It broke my heart. Three months ago, you broke my heart.
Lily: Can we please get back together?
Marshall: Lily, you were right. All that crap was right. So, no. No, we can’t get back together. We shouldn’t. At least, not right now.

Lily: Wow. OK. Yeah. Wi… Will we still see each other?

Marshall: Yeah. Yeah. I think so. I don’t know. This is all really new to me. I just got out of a long relationship . . . I like your hair.

  • Damn. I’ve been through this recently too. Sux. Really sux. -_-

    • Big O

      I went through it a few months ago. No regrets better off. Either they with me or they against me.

  • And what if the one doing the dumping said, “I’m just not ready for this right now. WE SHOULDN’T SEE EACH OTHER ORRRR TALK ANY MORE. NO COMMUNICATION.” :'(

    • Big O

      If you get dumped then you move on. Don’t beg anyone to be with you.