14 Common Hood Sayings Translated

Hood Sayings 



  • It be like that sometimes = I am aware of you situation, but there is nothing I can do about it


  • Fuck you mean = I understood what you said, but I completely disagree!


  • Thats that shit I don’t like = I do not condone that type of activity and I find it very intolerable


  • See what had happened was = Please listen attentively to this lie I am about to feed you


  • My mom be tripping = I will not be able to attend the social event tonight


  • The fuck you talking too? = I know you are talking to me, I just want to make sure before i engage in an argument


  • I’m a model = I have a instagram


  • Twerk sumn = Please turn around & rotate your gluteus maximus


  • Take one for the team bruh = While I am with this attractive female please occupy her friend who is strong in the face


  • You mad bro? = I am aware of your hatred towards me


  • You ugly anyways = I spoke to you because I thought you where attractive, but you rejected me so now you are ugly


  • We deep as fuck = There are so many of us that if we got into an altercation, you would be out numbered


  • I fucks wit you = I like you personality & character and would like to spend more time with you


  • Boy bye = Your stupidity has resulted in my irritation with you therefore I am dismissing you from my presence