5 ways I could/would use to break into your home or business.

Let me start by saying  that some of this tips are how I would break and enter a location. Some of this are common sense tips and some of this are a bit high tech but anything can happen you never know so pay attention. 



1. The type of alarm panel you have is key to preventing most of your items from disappearing. This might seem like a shocker to you but big corp alarm companies don’t give a fuck about you. They want the monthly residual income so they come at you with what seems like a good deal. They might come at you with a deal where they only charge you 99 bucks for install and give you a free panel with a contract. That shit sounds good right ?  79 percent of the time they will install a panel that’s all in one but some install a can look at the pictures below.



This is an all in one system if I can see this from outside one of your windows you sir or madam are fucked. First thing I would do is run in there and rip this bitch from the wall and you have no protection. Even if you can’t see this panel from the outside of the intended place the first thing a thief does when he breaks in and hears the chime from the panel is to run to the panel to rip it out.



This system is enclosed  within a metal box commonly known as a can. The farther away this can is installed from the keypad the better. The keypad pictured above can be wired anywhere and if it gets ripped of the wall its ok because the alarm system will still be safe in the can somewhere else in the home. Don’t forget to lock the can most have locks.

2. A common way of neutralizing alarm panels is to cut the phone lines because without phone lines you can’t send a signal.  Yes I know you can install a wireless back up transmitter but depending on the unit type most if not all can be jammed with cell phone jammers that you can assemble or buy online. If you are really paranoid about security then I would recommend installing a panel that transmits through IP with a back up wireless transmitter.  If you have broadband internet then you can use that to send signals to your alarm monitoring station instead of using slow old phone lines.  Trust me few burglars cut internet cable but almost all cut telephone lines. 


3. In the security business the responding agency knows that 99 percent of burglar alarms are false. The responding agency or the police have response times that change depending on the time of day,weather, and size of city. You might be thinking to yourself why does this shit matter. Well it matters greatly because in most major cities when they have a big lightning storm with lots of wind and thunder the police department gets hammered with thousands of calls per hour reporting on burglar alarms going off. I know what you’re thinking it’s ok if the police take a while to respond I understand they are busy.  Nah that shit don’t work that way I have personally spoken to a few dispatch operators during storms who are instructed to ignore burglar alarms due to storms. Yes that’s right they ignore that shit.  I would name a few cities but I don’t want to tarnish their reputation. Another thing that affects the response time is false alarms. If a place has a lot of false alarms cops will take their time to respond. So if a burglar really wanted to break in he would create false alarms a few times a week by rattling windows or doors. Eventually  the police will ticket the owner for false alarms and take their sweet ass time responding to future burglar alarms originating from that place. False alarms can also be caused by faulty equipment so don’t freak out if this starts happening to you. 

4. People started stealing so much copper from places that now locations use video to deter burglaries.  Video helps but it won’t stop people from stealing your shit. Most alarm companies have instructions set so if they get a burglar alarm with no video to only call the contacts to notify but don’t dispatch the police. So that means if a thief breaks the camera then they take your shit. Even if they don’t break the camera all they have to do is wait for a thunderstorm.  


5. I have a lot of tips I could give you but for now this will be the last one. Some burglars use whats called bump keys. This keys are blank keys that are inserted into a lock and with a rubber hammer forced into the lock so that the key will copy the tumbler place. I am not a rocket doctor so that explanation must suck but below a video about it.  


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