7706-ULF A:24 Z: 358 Failed cell Test Explained

A failed cell test  basically means that the 7706 was defaulted to potter settings  instead of  AES potter settings.   Yes there is a difference.    If you have a 7706 defaulted to the potter settings it turns the radio into a regular  6006 potter fire panel.   If you use the AES potter default then your  6006 potter unit can use the pic and send signals on the AES network. 

This is how the raw data will look before the automation converts it.


Below is the detailed explanation from AES help desk:

Solution # 0690 – E/R358 001 received from 7706-ULF Account


Official Description:

Subscriber out of network


On at least on one occasion, this was reported due to a bad RJ/Modular cable between the PIC (Panel Interface Card 7764) and Potter panel.  

A more common reason may be because the PIC is not properly learned.  Be sure to load the AES “7706-ULF AES Default Config.fpcf” configuration file available as a download from the AES Web site especially if the panel was reset to factory or the default Potter 6006 configuration file from the Potter software was used.   



An example message is:

13 4321 18 E358 24 C001


Where 13 is Receiver #1, Line card 3.

Account 4321,

New Event Code E358

Group or partition 24

Zone or Contact 001


This will be reported with E370 00 C001 from the 7788F portion as well indicating a problem with the Potter Panel or PIC in this case. 


  • The first 7706-ULF we put in and I programmed right after it released off pre-order I was failing and failing to get the panel to send signals to the CS and had a PIC trouble like you mentioned. AES should have done a better job explaining the fact you need the “AES” Version of Potter Fire Panel Programmer as I did all my training online for this panel through the Potter website like it was recommended by AES. I completed all the training months before it actually shipped because I love AES radios and sell a lot of sprinkler only monitoring installs. Also, I love your posts!!

    • thank you made my day… yeah aes did not put any documentation or manuals with the 7706. We had to learn as we went. Most jurisdictions here don’t want conventional panels anymore but for sprinkler systems these are great.

      • The city I reside in strictly requires addressable FACU’s, absolutely NO way you’re putting in a conventional not even for a single WF and GV. Do you have LinkedIn by chance? I shared your post on there but it would be cool to connect as I am not getting notifications of your blog posts and I have subscribed with all 3 email addresses and confirmed the subscription. I checked all the junk folders as well and no such luck. If you do and are able to connect with me here is mine: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abrendemuhl I also think LinkedIn is a great place to get your posts noticed by more people. I only happened to find the blog because I was google searching and AES reporting code I had never seen come in at the CS before. Glad I found it though! Maybe you just post for fun and aren’t trying to get a lot of viewers; however, the items I have read are VERY good and anyone dealing with AES should read!

        • i do have a linkedin but this is a personal blog and i was thinking people might take me as a joke or disregard my serious post because of my silly post does that make sense ? . i post about random things that pop into my head so my blog … is random lol. lately i been dealing with several aes problems that basically are caused by similar mistakes so i been posting about that.


          • Yea I read the Willy Wonka one and had to send that to a few people because it was hilarious. I wanted to start a blog long ago but it ended up being unsuccessful and I gave up. I guess it didn’t matter if people saw it or not as I wasn’t trying to become the next #1 blogger I think the lack of any interaction on my posts was what bored me.

          • yeah i know the feeling. I was like that after the first year. Now I just post about anything and everything. even personal stuff. why not no one reads it lol

          • i used to post everyday sometimes 5 times a day. but i’m not as young as i used to be so i post once a day every so often but the quality of the post is way better.