Aokigahara aka the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees


It’s Japanese for don’t do it bro

What is Aokigahara ?  it sounds like the name of a cool anime show or  a character from street fighter right ?  Actually it’s a forest located at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. As we all know Mount Fuji is one of Japans 3 sacred mountains so I find it hard to believe people travel to Aokigahara to commit suicide. 






Can’t even hike peacefully

The crazy part is they have workers who go into the forest and find the dead bodies and have to carry them all the way down to the mountain.   Then they have to play rock paper scissors to decide who will sleep with the corpse that night.   It’s bad luck for a corpse to be alone the first night it’s dead.   The spirit will scream all night and the body will go crazy.  Japan is known for high suicide rates. Sometimes they have the most suicides in the world.







Yurei making me scared !


Aokigahara is said to be the most haunted place in Japan.  Stories are told of screams originating from the forest randomly.  To travel in the forest and not get lost you have to use tape to create a trail. GPS and cell phones and compasses don’t work in the forest due to high iron content in the soil or demons as the locals believe. Yurei (Japanese for ghost) are blamed for cutting visitors tape so people will get lost and die in the forest.  Screams are also blamed on Yurei  because those souls can’t rest or are evil it seems.  If you’re near Japan and want to suicide or have one of the scariest hikes in your life then visit Aokigahara. 

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