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    Still the most likely thing to have happen if you have a firearm in your home is not heroics or defense, but that you or a loved one is injured by that gun through accident or folly. First estimates (Kellerman) were 43 to 1 but who cares if it is only 20 to 1? Having a gun in your home is way more likely to have unpleasant results than the defense or hearth and home as you anticipate.

    • People who have no experience or knowledge of weapons should not keep them in their home. Accidents happens due to lack of common sense and lack of safety protocol.National violent crimes with guns has dropped since the 60’s ask the fbi if you don’t believe me.Home invasions are on the rise and it seems like you are defending your right to be a victim instead of the right to defend yourself. If you are so afraid of your own gun accidently killing someone in your own home then common sense would dictate to put a trigger lock on it or keep it in a safe problem solved. Also teaching kids gun safety is more important than teaching them how to play video games all day on a cell phone or computer maybe thats where parents are fucking up.

  • Are you suggesting that the Wehrmacht, which killed over 30 million well armed and well trained US, British, Canadian, French, Polish, Belgian, Danish, and Soviet soldiers, could have been stopped if only Jewish civilians living in Germany and Poland at the time were allowed to bare arms? It took the best from all the armies of the world to stop Germany, so to suggest that the Holocaust could have been prevented by average civilians with no military training whatsoever is ludicrous. I think you’ve seen Red Dawn one-too-many times. But if we are going to make ridiculous assertions, the number of gun related deaths skyrocketed the year the gun was invented. So if guns were never invented, nobody would need guns to protect themselves from criminals with guns. How’s that for ridiculous?

    • In Red Dawn the Russian army wants to find out who all owns weapons so guess what they can take them away or kill them so they wont oppose. This picture can be taken many ways The image above is an example of what happens when people give up their weapons and you cant fight back. Its common sense that people with weapons will fight to defend their life’s and land rather than just get on their knees and get executed. No matter the odds people have and will defend their land. The last fact you mentioned is just what it is a fact. Off course people are going to use something that is more efficient vs inefficient. Do you still ride a horse to the store or send messages by telegraph. ? Didn’t think so. If no one invented guns people would still kill each other with knifes,swords bow and arrow and last but not least their own hands so don’t be silly.


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