Can we talk about our relationship ? (Oh no !)


One sunny warm day in West Dallas in Pluto Park we were hanging out playing at the park with Krabappel’s daughter. Can we talk about our relationship ? Krabappel asked, Of course our relationship is the greatest thing in my life so I’m sure ill enjoy talking about it with you I responded.  I guess I’m feeling uneasy about us being stuck in this rut having  on again off again problems.

If we stay together where would be 10 years from now? Would we still be stuck here ? Don’t you ever wonder about the future ? she asked. Sure but your always in it, and so are terminators. Why are you bringing this up? I responded.  Instead of us coming up and things getting better they stay the same. It seems like you weren’t ready for a serious relationship and to take care of a female. I put up with my ex husband for 10 years and I gave him a chance and he never made our life better.

Its been almost 2 years and things have got worse. We struggle for money and we are not as intimate as we used to be whats going on she wondered? I been really stressed out with our money problems and cars breaking down and me working extra hours to keep our heads above water. The student loan garnishment is what has messed us up and soon they will remove that and we will have extra money.

I told you a bunch of times to just get a part-time job anywhere and you would have been a big help to our budget but you didn’t want to. You though you were too good for a fast food joint. I never been in this kind of relationship and I told you that from the start I told you this is a learning experience for me and you said you were OK with that Krabappel.

I was OK with that she said, but you have had almost 2 years to learn what you need to do. Bitch I yelled out, you gave your ex husband 10 years to ruin your life and you can’t give me one year ? the first year of our relationship was great but you lost your job because you were irresponsible and kept getting to work late.You lost your job and I been busting my ass keeping us going and you don’t even appreciate it. In this economy most families have to have 2 jobs to make it work. We can make this work just give us more time and it will work. I don’t know she responded  let me think about it.

I struggled to keep a straight face. I felt like shit the world was crashing in around me. The sun had never shined on a sadder man. Not all hope was lost tho she said she would think about it and to give her some time. Well a week past by and she started to hang out with friends more and stay out late and never want to be at the apartment and she would hide her phone and keep it away from me at all times.

I shit you guys not she would guard that phone at all times even when she went to the restroom. So obviously something was going on so I checked online and found out she was texting a certain number during the day. One Friday I felt bad and decided to call in to work so I could spend more time with her and talk about our relationship and where we was headed. She woke up and asked me why I was there and that she was going out with her friends and so I invited myself to tag along but she refused said why would I want to go that it was just her and her entourage so I said OK.

I stayed home that 3 day weekend she was hardly there. The whole time I was thinking and hoping she would change her mind and want to work things out. That’s all I would think about I was upset got angry with myself cried and shit. This went on for 3 days. She was mostly gone and at her friend’s house a neighbor of ours who Krabappel swore was her best friend in the world.

I would tell her bitch you don’t even know that ho she could be a weirdo or a backstabber or anything. Well Monday quickly approached just like it always does and I woke up upset. She left her guard down and left her phone out in the open so I went through it.  Yes I know invasion of privacy but I was paying the bill and bought the phone so fuck it  the phone is mine. I saw the txt she sent to her friends explaining in detail the things we talked about and how she was concerned I was going to ruin her plans with her new boyfriend Carlos.

I was pissed the fuck off. I gently placed the phone back where it was and for the first time left without kissing her or saying goodbye. That whole week she would lie out her teeth and make shit up when I know who she was seeing and doing. I talked to Martin P. about my issue I described the pain I felt and how many times I would cry because I was so pissed off.

He felt bad for me a gave me a voucher to stay at a hotel room for a few days or something like that.  I wanted to take it so bad but it was his he won it and I did not want to leave my apartment. So I secretly made plans to move out. I did not make it the week I went off on that bitch and told her I found out she was hoeing around my back.

The worst part was that for a while I still had hope we would work out and I really hoped really hard that we would. I asked the bitch why would you cheat on me and do all this shit behind my back and without compassion or remorse she blurted because he was treating me better and was giving me what I needed and has money and shit.

I yelled at her bitch ass asked her why the fuck where you with me if you felt this way why didn’t you leave then? She told me because she didn’t have anywhere to go and she was going to pretend to work things out with me until she found a place to stay. CAN you believe that shit ?

Long story short I moved out she moved out. I was angry for a long time. The only thing I asked karma or god or whatever good or right system you believe in was for her to payback how she made me feel.  She recently has paid that back karma is a bitch. I would never wish harm on anyone I just wish for karma to hurry the fuck up and return the favor.

In the end we are still friends now and I forgave her not because she deserved it but because I deserved peace. The funny part was that guy ended up leaving her for his ex and her best friend she swore she had ended up talking shit behind her back 24 7 and now she doesn’t talk to any of those people.

Anyone ever been hurt like that ? You ever ask yourself what the fuck did I do to deserve this ?