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What a Texan can teach you about the different levels of hangovers.

Stars Represent the 6 levels of severity.     No pain. no real feeling of illness. You slept in your own bed and when you woke up there were no traffic cones in there with you.You are still able to function relatively well on the energy stored up from all those vodka and Red Bulls. […]

My girlfriend and I made a deal recently; we decided we would both let the other one do their ultimate fantasy to them.

Thinking this was my best chance to finally have a threesome.I told her all about my fantasy to invite her best friend into the bedroom and have my way with both of them at once. She agreed, if I agreed to her fantasy. She told me she’s always wanted to know what it’s like to […]

My wife's sister visited us yesterday in her brand new Porsche.

Astonished, my wife asked her “How could you afford this?!” “You know, a blow job every now and again makes my husband very generous,” she replied. Surprised, my wife turned to me and winked, “I think I’ll start doing that.”  “Me too,” I replied, turning to my sister in law. “What’s your husband’s number?”

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