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How Ammunition Bans Impact Hunters

Trying to ban ammo is just a sneaky way of illegal gun control. Stop trying to sneak gun control in and do it the legal way. Make a ammendment. Get the majority of the states to agree and make it a national law.  But you can’t because the states won’t agree to banning guns. Neo […]

Capitalism vs. Communism

*at a deserted fast food restaurant*   “Uh hi can I get a burger and fries?” *mumbled response* “Ummmm…yeah” *hands credit card* *swipes card, mumbles, and returns card* “Thanks.” *Examines the disgusting restaurant while waiting* *Stands at grill unresponsively* *Looks at employee confusedly* “Is everything alright?” *mumbles response* “Ummmm if youre not going to make […]

Sureshbhai Patel gets body slammed outside his sons home by a terrorist police officer for failing to speak English. (video)

Sureshbhai Patel, 57 was assaulted by this terrorist cop for W.W.B.A.F  or better known as walking while being a foreigner.You have to watch this video. How can police officers be this stupid? Are all Alabama cops this stupid ? If you talk to someone and they can’t understand English then don’t assault them for it. […]

7 funniest questions asked by Facebook users to McDonald's during their good image campaign.

McDonald’s like many other greedy corporations only care about their bottom line. That’s why they use cheap gmo’s and cheap dangerous chemicals. Their food might be tasty but they have managed to gather some of the tastiest most controversial ingredients ever. Really who ask’s this ?     In the U.K McD’s fries consist of […]

Wearing a hoodie in public will cost you 500 dollars In Oklahoma City.

According to Oklahoma City OK –  only terrorist want to wear hoodies and no law abiding citizen should wear one or ever had the need to wear one.  Those that do will have to pay 500 dollars.  So who’s ready to move away from that communist city ? Next thing you know you won’t be […]


About time Americans started defending their freedoms they have taken for granted for so many years.  In  Olympia, Washington thousands stood their ground and peacefully defended their right to bear arms.  2nd amendment activist its time to get together. The federal government has already declared on sovereign citizens and the constitution. The police have been given […]

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