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Did we go from a nation that could steel its spine for the greater good to a nation of complete pussies?

Did we go from a nation that could steel its spine for the greater good to a nation of complete pussies? we have taken a nation forged by hard men and women and made it into a latte-sipping, metrosexualized place where the slightest offencive thing is grounds for a lawsuit. Why is it that so many […]


About time Americans started defending their freedoms they have taken for granted for so many years.  In  Olympia, Washington thousands stood their ground and peacefully defended their right to bear arms.  2nd amendment activist its time to get together. The federal government has already declared on sovereign citizens and the constitution. The police have been given […]

In Nodaway Missouri your children belong to the state. Home schooling your kids is illegal. Hail Hydra !

So what would make a sheriff’s department want to break into someones home and take someones kids ?  Child endangerment right ?  Jason and Laura Hagan did the unthinkable. They decided to home school their kids. CPS did not agree and decided to have their kids taken away.According to CPS the kids belong to the […]

President Obama makes rare appearance in support of democratic candidate Anthony Brown and the audience walks out.

      President Barack Obama gives a campaign speech for Maryland gubernatorial Democratic candidate Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown at an Early Vote Rally at Dr. Henry Wise High School in Upper Marlboro, Md on 10-22-14. In an area where 90 percent of the population voted for Obama, you figure most would stay and listen […]

The Federal Reserve's political agenda

Once upon a time in the kingdom of liberty there was a great famine. With no crops to grow and sell the poor farmers were growing poorer and hungrier. While the wealthy landowners Dukes Earls knights and Bankers only grew fatter and filled their chambers with greater and greater riches.They began to buy the poor […]

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