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SC Terrorist Cop Faces Murder Charge After Video Shows Him Shooting Unarmed Man in Back (video)

Terrorist Patrolman 1st Class Michael Slager, 33, stopped 50-year-old Walter Scott for a broken taillight.   All the burglaries and hold up’s and people getting raped don’t matter if someone is driving around with a broken tail light but anyways so the cop claimed that Walter tried to take his tazer and in the on going […]

Capitalism vs. Communism

*at a deserted fast food restaurant*   “Uh hi can I get a burger and fries?” *mumbled response* “Ummmm…yeah” *hands credit card* *swipes card, mumbles, and returns card* “Thanks.” *Examines the disgusting restaurant while waiting* *Stands at grill unresponsively* *Looks at employee confusedly* “Is everything alright?” *mumbles response* “Ummmm if youre not going to make […]

Sureshbhai Patel gets body slammed outside his sons home by a terrorist police officer for failing to speak English. (video)

Sureshbhai Patel, 57 was assaulted by this terrorist cop for W.W.B.A.F  or better known as walking while being a foreigner.You have to watch this video. How can police officers be this stupid? Are all Alabama cops this stupid ? If you talk to someone and they can’t understand English then don’t assault them for it. […]

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