Christmas religious holiday or Hallmark holiday ?

one world religion

Is it just me or is Christmas now just a commercialized holiday ?  I mean a billions of dollars are spent on gifts and most go toward spoiled ungrateful kids with a self sense of entitlement. What ever happened to seeing your neighborhood full of Xmas lights. They would play a ton of Xmas movies on tv and dozens of Xmas songs on radio stations. 

Xmas used to be about Jesus and the Christian tradition of assuming Jesus was born on December 25th. A while back they would have pageants in school plays and Xmas music playing for most of the month of December. Now everything is politically correct so you can’t celebrate the real reason behind Xmas. Everyone has to say happy holidays or get crucified no pun intended  by those who don’t do Xmas.

I don’t have anything against Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or any of the other denominational holidays and I don’t go around prohibiting people from celebrating any of that shit. Don’t go around telling people what they can or can’t celebrate. If you want to be fair just get rid of all holidays and let’s all worship the same god.


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