Coke and Pepsi being used by Indian farmers as a pesticide ! watch video !

Would you drink insecticide ? Would you feed it to your family and kids for beverage. Fuck no you wouldn’t. Roundup is one of the most known insecticides known worldwide. On the bottle it list it can kill hundreds of things but it fails to include that it also kills humans. Granted most if not all pesticides will kill humans but Roundup does more than kill.

Roundup is the major cause of  Gluten intolerance but to keep things hush hush big pharma and the FDA keep their mouth shuts. Why it’s common sense to continue making money. In a capitalist government  profit is the main goal. Yes of course you will have a small percentage of folk who will have natural Gluten intolerance but to those who have read up on the facts since the introduction of Roundup Gluten intolerance has increased exponentially. 


Yes you can stay away from Roundup and feel safe. The bad thing is that this product is used by millions if not billions of victims and so it’s all around us in the rain water in food and in the soil.  Since so many people use this product which by the way does a poor job at killing things,weeds and insects have now grown resistant to the poison.  

There are hundreds if not thousands of natural ways to kill insects and weeds but people either are lazy or just ignorant to that knowledge. Here is one example of what you can call natural I guess. Using Coca Cola as a pesticide. YEs  you read that right watch the video below.