Date Night At Oceanic Thai Kitchen

Fridays are my date night for me and my gf.  We try a new place we never tried before.   Today we tried  Oceanic Thai Kitchen.   The place looks really small from the outside but just like the T.A.R.D.I.S it’s bigger on the inside.  I never had Thai food before and I decided to take it easy on the spicy so I wimped out and ordered everything at 0 level spicy.

We checked in thru yelp and got a coupon for free edamame. Stuff was so good.  3rd time ever eating edamame. We also had come corn fritter thing that was really good.  It looks like a small chicken fried patty but it’s made entirely of corn. I ordered some kind of noodle thing with pork and added shrimp to it.  It was so good . Never had that plate before.   My gf had a bowl of soup made with coconut milk and curry and something else.  I took pictures the food looked  nice.

I ordered this and I forgot what it’s called
My Gf ordered this.

The prices are good and the quality is excellent.  I will go back some other day.