Why do dogs stick their heads out the window? I have a theory.

Why does my dog put his head out of my car window when I’m driving?  It’s the age old question. We’ll I have a theory I believe may explain it.To understand the premise of this you must first understand that dogs do not sense the world in the same way that we do. While human beings tend to rely heavily on sight as our primary way of sensing and interacting with the world around us the dog relies mainly on his sense of smell.

Where we recognize another individual or place by the way they/it looks the dog recognizes their smell.Furthermore dogs have a much better sense of smell than we do. In fact more than double, triple, quadruple what we are able to smell. Humans have 40 million olfactory receptors in the nasal cavity, while a dog has more than 2 billion! Studies have shown that a dog can detect a single molecule of sweat, identify it to an individual and track it from miles away. Here’s where my theory comes in.Have you ever seen a dog sniff the air while out on a walk?  His nose twitching and head waving back and forth. He is literally smelling everything everyone every animal even the smallest molecules of dust, dander, pollen, and bacteria  in that area at that moment.


Now to put this into a perspective that we can understand imagine that those molecules were visible. Millions upon millions of tiny little multicolored dots floating in the air around us everywhere we went. Now take what you just imagined and multiply it by 2 billion. Now imagine what that would look like traveling through it while it’s constantly changing at 60 miles per hour. I imagine it would look something like a 3D eye trick poster. Imagine being completely surrounded by a 3D poster or being inside one.  Getting dizzy yet?Now the thing you have to understand is that this massive influx of data into the brain causes a sensory overload. Studies have shown that a sensory overload can have a euphoric effect. Therefore to answer the question why do dogs stick their heads out the window? I submit that they do it because it gets them high.

Thank you for reading