I don't hate my job or anything like that or do I shit I don't know

People complain about having too much work or the work being too difficult at times but I want to do more challenging things. I don’t hate my job or anything like that or do I shit I don’t know but I’m grateful to have it. I just want more challenges. I work an 8 hour shift but at times it feels like I am here for about 10 hours or more. I thought about looking for another job but the more I think about it the more it worries me.

Same shit day after day, on the phone talking to the same assholes every day and answering the same questions every day. The pay is acceptable and the stress levels are manageable but doing the same thing over and over again for almost 10 years gets boring. I have taken steps to better my situation. I will start taking courses to enhance my skills and get certified in A+ and Linux+.  

Until then I will spend everyday at work experiencing the same shit day after day 🙁

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