Eating Vegetables Sucks !

So far I been working out a tad more and eating  a bit better. Today I went walking today at a park and was sorta power walking with a friend of mine and my arches hurt. I am flat-footed and it sucks. Work was boring today it felt like the more work I did the slower the day went. I went walking to exercise she powered walked and I tried to keep up. We walked this park in Richardson it had uphill and down hills and lots of people. It was nice.  I was only able to power walk about half a mile before my feet started killing me so I had to slow down and walk slower.  Got a ticket for parking against traffic lol.  This weekend I’m going to buy a scale so I can keep track of my weight loss weekly and post pictures.  Eating right sucks the food taste nasty and its more expensive  that sucks. 

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