Emperor Obama signs controversial executive gun laws, bypasses congress and the senate where are the JEDI when we need them ?.

Let me begin by stating that I am a firm believer that all sentient creatures have the right to liberty and I believe in defending the constitution with the rights it provides to everyone in the USA.

I feel like I am taking crazy pills can’t anyone see what this tyrant is doing. He authorizes the construction of several concentration camps around the USA that are just waiting to be filled with patriots that will rise up to fight for their rights, people who defend the constitution and people who will oppose mandatory tracking via chips.

If you don’t believe or know about the FEMA camps then just search on my site FEMA <— or click  and you will find my article about that subject. Emperor Obama kills American civilians overseas without due process using drone strikes. He has authorized the use of drones to patrol the skies here in the USA. He constantly follows the UN and their orders.

Obama is all for gun right removal, tell me why would you make more laws for guns when laws don’t keep weapons away from criminals or the insane. They need to make laws where mentally ill people get free treatment for mental health.

Here are some common comments made by sheep’s (aka society misinformed by fear induced by corporate controlled media)


“Assault rifles are bad because you can kill a lot of people really fast”

The majority if not all sheep’s that make that comment have never handled an assault rifle and don’t know the difference between semi or full automatic. Semi automatic basically means you have to squeeze the trigger over and over again to fire your weapon. Full automatic is where you squeeze the trigger and hold it down and your weapon continues to fire until you release the trigger.

To me in an indoor enclosed room environment it is easier to kill a shit load of people using a semi automatic pistol vs a full automatic assault rifle. Why many reasons but ill name just a few. You can’t conceal on your person a big ass assault rifle you can’t just walk in with that bitch and watch the avengers without someone noticing. Full assault rifles jam and are harder to aim when in full fire mode. It’s easier to hit more targets accurately especially moving targets with a pistol than an assault rifle.

“No one should own military weapons.”

I will agree on that no civilians should own military weapons so that’s why they make civilian weapons for civilians to own. Do your research sheep they make civilian version weapons for civilians. Besides a lot of legal semi automatic weapons can be legally or illegally modified to match or surpass military weapon grade.

“No one should stockpile a lot of weapons or ammunition.”

I will agree with that comment in regards to no one individual should own a garage full of weapons. I saw owning 2 pistols 1 shotgun and 2 rifles and a Machine gun is good enough. In regards to ammunition I saw just a few hundred rounds is ok.

“Making new gun laws will make everyone safer.”

No sheep’s it will not. Thousands of laws exist to stop drug use and guess what drugs all over the place. Thousands of laws exist now to control weapons and guess what they don’t work on criminals because criminals don’t follow the law stupid.

“Eliminating guns completely will make this country safer!!”

No it shall not sheep’s there are about 100 countries where weapons are banned and guess what most of them are communist/ police state poor ass countries. No offense North Korea. If you want to live in a country where they ban weapons then feel free to move to Mexico. They banned weapons and everyone is safer because of it.

I could go on all night about the stupid comments that sheep make but the worst part of this is that Emperor Obama wants us to stop using guns when he turns around and authorizes the sell of weapons to cartels in Mexico. How are you going to stand there and sell a shit load of military style weapons just so Mexico can go into chaos so we can liberate them and take their oil ( IRAQ STYLE) I must be taking crazy pills because no one cares about the hypocrite Emperor who does what he wants whenever he wants with whoever he wants.

Another thing is I envy Emperor Obama’s style. Do you guys remember when he first began his reign of terror he told everyone that we would be attacked by lone gun man? Lone wolf attacks I believe are how he described it. How the fuck did you know what was going to happen before it happened and if you knew then why dint you do anything to stop it. All this shit is happening and blown out of proportion so that we will enforce UN resolutions to ban all weapons worldwide.

I understand we have to do something to protect the innocent and I have begun paradigm thinking ,thinking outside the box so don’t call me crazy I’m just posting my opinion and some ideas on how to solve this issues.

  1. Ban all pistols and only ban pistols.
  2. Invent weapons that automatically record DNA information on each bullet fired.
  3. Allow civilians to carry swords.
  4. Mental patients should be tagged by tattoo if danger to society exists.
  5. Provide better security in all schools not just the ones in the ghetto.