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The 10 Deadliest US Hurricanes (1851 – 2006)



What can be said about Hurricanes that hasn’t been said about about a divorce.   They ruin lives are expensive and can be deadly.  The worst hurricane so far hit Galveston  in 1900.  

Apparently city officials never imagined a large hurricane hitting their island so they decided not to build seawalls.      Once things were rebuilt everything was raised 17 feet by bringing in more sand and a large seawall was constructed.  

Below are the top ten worst hurricanes  in the USA since 1851 until 2006.  


1.Great Galveston Hurricane (TX)190048000
2.FL (Lake Okeechobee)192842500
3.Katrina (LA/MS/FL/GA/AL)200531200
4.Cheniere Caminanda (LA)189341100-1400
5.Sea Islands (SC/GA)189331000-2000
7.Audrey (SW LA/N TX)19574416
8.Great Labor Day Hurricane (FL Keys)19355408
9.Last Island (LA)18564400
10.Miami Hurricane (FL/MS/AL/Pensacola)19264372



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