Fear Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

I will admit that many times in my past fear has killed some of my dreams a lot of dreams and prevented me from having so many adventures. I lost out on going on trips asking girls out and the occasional booty call.I think back and wonder how many times I could have stepped up to the bat and at least tried to swing but I didn’t.   

Ive been thinking about this shit all day. A recent business opportunity was the match that lit the forest fire of memories in my head. It took me a while but I learned fear hardly ever stops me from doing anything legal or illegal but thats life.I have dreams and I will accomplish them one way or another.

Now I just have to watch out for haters and negative people who would love nothing more than to see me fail just to make their piece of shit self-esteem feel better. I’ve been told by many that I could never do this and that will never work and I could not pull that off. Well fuck them not to brag or anything but when I started blogging I only had about 5 views a day. Now I get 200 times more traffic on a slow day. 

Applying new methods to old ideas and or just inventing new ideas with the same methods can carry out a lot of things. The important thing to remember is just like in Roulette don’t stick to just one strategy you must adapt and try new things got to risk it to get the biscuit. Soon I will start a new business and once it’s off the ground I will write more about it.