Fedora 18 Drains Your Laptop Battery Too Fast?? How To Fix That ?

First off you can use this program on multiple versions of Fedora but since I have Fedora 18 then that’s what ill write this how to on. This program is Powertop. This program can give you lots of detail but for now I will only cover the part on how to fix the power drain issues. If you need help or you need more detail please leave a comment.

First if you don't have the Powertop installed already you have to install it.
First if you don’t have the Powertop installed already you have to install it open a terminal and type this in sudo yum -y install powertop
\ I already installed my copy after you install it run this command in a terminal window sudo powertop after the program starts hit the tab button until you get to the turntables selection. Once there change all the bad’s to good’s by hitting the enter key on every single setting.

That pretty much sums it up by hitting enter on all those bad’s and turning them into goods it will help improve your battery life. At the moment Fedora 18 has a few bugs with power handling on laptops but it involves the kernel set up. That is way to advanced for this how to but if  I get request I might post a kernel fix for some versions of Fedora 🙂

Comments are appreciated and if you have any questions just leave a comment thanks.