First time I made Lupita cry

Well it was a cold night a few years ago and I used to hang out at this bar called M street on Greenville all the time. I still have pictures of this night.. one day i may post them. I managed to convince a few friends of mine to join me at M street on Saturday night. Doug,Woody , Waxahoochie and her fiance, Martin Prince,Alicia , Salesman, Lupita, Cockfeathers, Martina, yours truly  , and a few others.

Not everyone got there at the same time but Salesman and Alicia did. So when i saw them wake in I walked towards them to hug and greet like I usually do. Salesman was wearing an ugly shirt with an ugly sweater.

Alicia had on a black blouse her hair was down and she was wearing a leather jacket and she had a nice rack of lamb going on.  Anyways we walk towards Lupita and I say hey babe meet my best friends from work Salesman and Alicia.. This broad powered up she got mad and teary eyed. So she acted like a bitch most of the night. She punched me I think  I don’t remember I deserved it I was out of line.No seriously  I wanted to leave but Lupita was my ride and I din’t want to leave everyone there just like that it was a shitload of us.

So ALL my friends asked me what’s wrong with her I said I have no clue she crazy and jealous and insecure. I finally asked her in the nicest non confrontational way possible, What the hell is wrong with you Lupita ? she said i’m mad because you never talked about them before and I don’t know about them and they are your best friends. I said yeah my best friends from work. Till this day we laugh about that. I don’t get why she got mad and started arguing with me in front of everyone. But she was always insecure.