First time I met Alicia

Since she or no else will ever read this I will talk about the first time I met Alicia.I was at work and i was walking in the break room to clock out and I saw her eating in the break room. She had her hair down it was curly. She was eating sopa de res i think but she was sitting alone and eating her food fast. She smiled and said hi and I said hi. So I clock out and I’m about to walk out the door when I asked her whats her name what shift she worked the usual new cute girl routine I have. We talked for a few mins and I asked her if she had a bf she said no I told her cool join us this weekend my gf and I are going out with some coworkers. She said no because she worked that weekend. Come to find out a few days later she did have a bf… What a way to start a friendship lol.

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