First Time I Met Lupita

So if anyone was paying attention on my other post. I hijacked my brothers yahoo personal account and through that I met Lupita. Saw her profile she had long black hair she was short dressed in a nice dress because it was her prom pic or something. Anyways I sent her a message it more or less went like this. Say bitch you fine was up with those digits.

A few days later she messages me back and we eventually start talking on yahoo messenger on a Friday. By Monday she agreed to meet me. So I’m going to see her she lived not far from my mom’s house. At that time I drove a green 2 door Escort stick shift. Aka hoescourt. I get to her house we greet then immediately she says your fly is down. I said wow we just met and you’re looking at my crotch. Lol so I meet her mom and we talked.

I told her let’s take a cruise. She was like OK I’ll tell my mom you taking me to school. She just started going to El Centro. We jump in the hoescort and I tell her hey  lets swing by my house to pick up my camera so we can take a pic. She said OK . We get there and I tell her come on in won’t be long. So we are in my room and I ask her if she wanted to watch a movie she said sure. We watched The Matrix.

During that time I busted out with my let’s play thumb wrestling move we played winner gets a kiss eventually I got to 2nd base almost third. We stopped because we forgot her class. So I drop her off and tell her I’ll pick you up tonight. She said no I take the train. That night it stormed really bad and lightning knocked out the power and she got stuck on the train lol.