It's not about giving up it's about letting go ,it's about accepting who you really are.

Most would say easier said than done. I used to say that all the time. I missed out on many great opportunities by being uneasy with change. I’ve missed out on many great things ranging from going on spectacular vacations to engaging in kinky wild 3-somes. It took me a while to learn that letting go is not giving up. Constant disappointments and failures in life led me to change from within.  I used to have a fear of losing the things I loved.  To quote master Yoda “You must learn to let go of everything you fear to lose”

It took me a while to learn what this advice meant and how to apply it to my life. One day it just started making sense to me it was like a giant secret revelation was exposed to me. The thing that made me feel so dumb is that all this was right in front of my eyes the whole time I just failed to see it. You can blame my inexperience,apathy and or maybe even just being hard-headed. But Once I started being positive and letting go of the negative shit in my life I started to feel better.  I’m telling you the moment I accepted the fact that I needed to change I started working on improving myself.  When I started seeing results it was great ! it felt like the first time I listened to Nirvana. That brings back memories. Those were the days right ! ?


I was insecure about many things and extremely shy to boot. That shit sucked believe you me. For my 3 fans who have read some of my personal stories you will notice that a lot of those situations I got myself into or could not escape from revolved around insecurity and fear.  I was afraid to try new things afraid of rejection. It got to the point where I would just stop living life and the fucked up part was that the more time passed the further I fell into a downward spiral. But that was in the past. You ever seen that Yes man movie with Jim Carey ? Well now I say yes to more things and that shit is fun.  No I did not make a covenant  yet…

love this movie !

love this movie !

For a while I was extremely afraid of rejection. Yes , my 3 fans it’s true I wasn’t always this cool. I would be so scared of talking to girls that most of the time I would just be quiet around them or avoid them.  That sounds gay right  ! ha ha well before I turn this into a soliloquy I want to leave you with some advice from an ex  introvert,boring,and insecure guy who has learned plenty of lessons.

  1. Stop being afraid of being on your own. Learn to be comfortable alone.

  2. Don’t over think it go with it.  Making mistakes helps you learn. You wont ever learn or experience what life has to offer if you never do shit.

  3. Last but not least have the courage to take responsibility for your actions.  Admit to mistakes and stop pointing fingers. Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and it will help you forgive others who have wronged you.

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