Go Bananas With These Banana Health Facts !

Dancing Bannana


Calories – A banana averages about only 110 calories.

Fat and Cholesterol – Bananas are naturally fat and cholesterol free.

Potassium – Over 400 mg potassium in a single medium-size banana.

Vitamin C – Provides about 10 mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin B-6 – One banana supplies 35 percent of  B-6 requirement.

Manganese – One medium banana provides about .3 mg.

Fiber – One banana has about 3 g of fiber.

Digestibility – Bananas are easy to digest wont upset your stomach.

Heart and Nerves – Potassium is essential for proper muscle contraction.

Kidneys and Bones –  Normal intake of potassium suppresses calcium excretion in urine, minimizes the risk of kidney stones & minimizes the loss of calcium from the body.

Mood Enhancers – contain about 10.6 mg of tryptophan which helps the body to produce serotonin – which has a calming effect on the brain.

Lower Blood Pressure – high amounts of potassium in bananas  can lower one’s blood pressure.Rugged Gut Bananas trigger the production of mucus in the stomach & possess protease inhibitors, a substance that breaks down bacteria in the stomach that cause ulcers.

Caloric Dense FruitOne banana anytime through the day makes one feel energetic.

Peels Used To Treat
– Banana peel has proven power to heel the warts on human body.


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