Guys here is some of that female logic we all know and love.

girl logic

Girl Logic#1: “I demand equal rights.” “You can’t hit me! I’m a girl!”

Girl Logic#2: “All of the nice guys are taken!” She says to her best friend, who is a guy and madly in love with her.

Girl Logic#3: “OMG! I’m so ugly!” – Girl who has 197 pictures in the Facebook album titled, “Me.”

Girl Logic#4: One of my five boyfriends slept with another girl. I’ll never trust men again!

Girl Logic#5: He caught me cheating. It’s his fault for spying on me.

Girl Logic#6: I’m mad at you because you’re mad at me.

Girl Logic#7: Maybe if I wear a shirt that shows my boobs I will find a guy who likes me for my personality.