What not to do during a Home Invasion.

“If you come face to face with an intruder and you’re not prepared, lie down and do not look at them. Pretend to have a heart attack or breathing problem.”



That’s the kind of things you do if you want to get raped or have your kids and wife get raped. They have other stupid ideas in that article but here is my personal advice.


  1. People who break into homes might have been surveying you for a while. I know because that’s what I would do. Always keep an eye out for strange people walking around acting stupid or cars that always pass your home around the same time.

  2. Get a Video security system for your home multiple cameras and or have neighbors keep an eye out for each other.

  3. Install motion activated lights at home.

  4. Install reinforced doors and or accessories to reinforce your doors I’ve seen a lot of things that will improve the strength of your doors.

  5. Last but not least.Get a gun learn how to clean it arm it and disarm it.  Go to a gun range and learn how to shoot it. Train your husband or wife how to use weapon.  Always explain to your children that guns are dangerous and never to play with them. In fact keep them away and purchase a trigger lock if you keep it near  a child’s grasp.Once your kids get to a certain level of maturity start teaching them how to use a gun.