Houston we have a problem , Lupita is flipping out


One time Martin P , Rick his crackhead friend I and Lupita travel to Houston Texas my town for vacation. We stayed at the Double Tree In downtown. They give out the best warm cookies man they are to die for. It was awesome we went swimming drank and ate and hung out and shit it was awesome. The first night we went cruising we went to eat at hooters and walked around downtown riding in Martin’s Cadi.

I told Martin to head to the hotel so we could drop of Lupita and we could go to a strip club because I don’t take sand to the beach. No he disregards orders and drives directly to a strip club. So here we are with grumpy Lupita and horny Rick. Just when Lupita was calming down about us being at a strip club Rick goes up to the stage and sticks his tongue in a dancers Poop Shoot, yes the butt hole and yes it was gross and yes we got kicked out with the quickness. So we go buy beer and we fill up a Styrofoam cooler full of beer. We get to the hotel and proceed to the bar.

I get a phone call and I place the cooler on a table and walk way from the bar area to somewhere quieter. I spoke with a friend from work who I wanted to motorboat for a while. After a 5 min conversation I return for the cooler and its gone some one stole the bitch. Man we were all upset and it was past 12 on a Friday night so we could not get more beer. Rick starts chatting with 2 older women who ask us if we want to join them for a smoke and  a drink.

They were fuckable  Caucasian about 30  to early 40’s.  Lupita got really upset that we wanted to hang out with all of them in their room so late at night so she stormed out of the lady’s hotel room and stomped back to our room mean mugging everyone pushing me out-of-the-way and shit almost knocking me down. So of course I leave after her and ask her what the hell is the problem now.The guys leave cause its boring if I’m not their of course. I get to the room and she is upset because the women were smoking pot and because I wanted to drink with some random women.  After a few mins she calmed down and I put her to sleep he he.