How I ended up with Marie

It was a few months after Lupita broke up with me that I decided to want a gf again. Lupita had broken up with me over the phone one Friday night. I got her call I was at Wal-Mart just about to leave with a full cart of groceries that took me an hour no less to find and decide to buy.She calls we talk she breaks up with me and then I was shocked sad and all those crazy emotions and I just left the cart in an aisle and walked outside and listened to all the things she was telling me and trying to save our relationship when deep down inside I wanted us to break up a long time ago. Anyways after that a few months after I started hanging out more with Alicia. It was cool and fun we got into everything. Eventually I met Marie on Yahoo chat. We talked on the phone a lot and eventually  we meet thanks to Alicia. Marie and I hung out a lot and talked and txt a lot she asked me out said she really liked me.During the months I was getting to know Marie I started hanging out with Alicia almost daily. I will get into those Alicia chronicles on another post. Anyways I did not want to go out with Marie because I wanted to go out with Alicia. After 3 months I finally gave in and decided to start going out with Marie only after getting rejected 3 times by Alicia.

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