How to check the health of a Hard Drive, if it dies you lost all your files !!!

First off let me start by saying that if you have any questions leave a comment  you don’t have to create a user account or anything like that to leave a comment.

For this How To we are going to use HD Tune (download)


Hard drives are one of the most important if not the most important piece of equipment in your system. This pieces of hardware work hard and generate heat which also helps to ruin the hardware but that is unavoidable unless you cool your hard drives with a water block or fans I will post about that soon. It’s best to check your hard drive (hard drives if you have more than one like me I have 5) S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) report and perform some test on your hard drive. There are many ways to check the S.M.A.R.T status of your hard drive and plenty of software to check your hard drive for bad sectors,read and write issues and a bunch of other shit.

For this How To we are going to use HD Tune now I have the HD Tune Pro its worth the investment. You can download the free version which will only perform certain functions. Now I will explain what everything does so that way you can look for a free alternative or purchase the software your choice.

HD Tune Pro HD Tune
Low level benchmarkbenchmarks are specifically designed to measure the performance of Hard Drive components by exercising the component to its maximum capacity
Detailed drive informationThis gives you the name,manufacture,manufactured date and a lot more info.
Health (S.M.A.R.T)See picture further below this chart for example. 
Log file
Error scanScans for errors and gives you detailed information on what the error is and what can cause it.
Error log
Folder usage Shows you what folders get accessed the most.
Secure erase (wipe)This option is great for information that needs to get erased permanently so it cant be recovered anymore by anyone. This is great for getting rid of my mistress pictures from my wife.
File benchmarkallows you to benchmark certain files instead of entire hard drive.
Extra testsThis program has a shitload of other test it can do not enough space to go into detail.
Cache testtest your hard drive cache makes sure its good and gives you speed results as well.
Disk monitorSome people monitor their hard drives a lot so this is great for that. The information provided would only be understood
by those that need this kind of software to begin with.
AAMmethod for reducing acoustic emanations in AT Attachment (ATA) mass storage devices , that means some of this hard drives can make a shitload of noise. This allows you to configure power settings and other setting to reduce noise and wear and tear.
Command line parametersa lot of actions will perform faster executed through a command line. If you don’t know what a command line is then you wont need this option.
Support for external drives
(health, temperature)
This software  can check USB mounted hard drives.
Temperature statisticsIf your hard drive gets too hot and stays hot it will fail soon.
Priceit can be a bit pricey , but you get what you pay for.You can search for other programs that will do most if not all this functions. USD 34.95
EUR 24.95
for personal use
example of errors provided by S.M.A.R.T DAM I dint even know I had this type of errors on my main hard drive.

This program can do a lot of things but to keep it simple i covered the most basic test. If you want me to cover more items just leave a comment.