How to install Fedora 18 virtual and or other OS's XP,Win 7 & 8

See my other post on how to install Oracle VM Virtual Box  if you need help with that.

After you install the VM Virtual Box

Click on new on the top left and enter the information shown if its going to be a Fedora 18 virtual machine. You can create a virtual machine with other OS’s using this how to as an example. Here you get to Choose how much ram your virtual machine will use. Since I have 16 GB’s I can spare a few to this virtual machine. I will only use Fedora as a How To tool so I don’t need a lot of ram. Here you get to create a Virtual Hard Drive. If you don’t know wtf all this means just follow the example above. All right this can get tricky if you don’t know what’s going on just use the VDI option. I can go into detail about the other options but we will be here all day. If you must know about the other options leave me a comment. I choice fixed size because it gives better performance. Most people will need a fixed size. If you don’t know how much size you will need in the long run choose dynamic. Use as much space as you need here is where you decide how big your hard drive will be. For this scenario I don’t need a lot of space so i only choice 8 GB’s  you need more than 3 GB’s of space to just install FEDORA 18 So choose more than 5 GB’s. Once you decide how much space you want and continue you will see this progress menu this can take time. I suggest you read some of my other post in the mean time. After its done this is the screen you will see. After you see this you are ready to install your operating system You should have downloaded a ISO or have the Operating system cd ready in your drive or Mount the ISO using a mounting program like the one shown above called Power Iso once you mount it follow the next step. Ok so once you start Oracle VM program after you have created your virtual machine its time to turn that bitch on right? all this steps we get to the good part. When you start your machine it should see a CD ROM in the drive or it might pick up the ISO you have mounted. If it does not and you get an error stating no OS found or something like that make sure you click on devices as shown above and click on the CD ROM or mount point that has your ISO  Once you do that restart your machine by clicking on machine and hitting restart or reset. Sorry about the big ass picture I had to take this on my phone because once you have the virtual machine running print screen takes some tweaking to work right and I don’t have time to figure it out on a virtual machine yet moving on click on install to hard drive. Linux operating systems give you the opportunity to try the operating system before installing it by running it off the DVD it’s called Live Cd. After clicking on install it will ask you what language you want and get you to this next screen. This is the first thing you will see before a complete install of Fedora 18. Some of this options can get very advanced. If you don’t know or need any special install requirements just hit continue. This is the screen that has the continue button that will finish the Fedora 18 install if you leave everything defaulted. I had an issue with my Hard Drive Capacity that is why you see that orange exclamation mark. Also clicking on the installation destination button will let you configure partitions and extensions and a lot of other advanced options that I will not go over because this is a simple install how to. BUT if you need help with those other options leave a comment and I will help. Also make sure to update your timezone by clicking on date and time most of the time it will be correct automatically. Remember when I told you to just hit continue earlier well this screen will pop up to keep it simple just hit continue again. After clicking on done this screen will show up and Fedora starts installing. Click on root password and choose a password greater than 5 characters long. Wait for the install to be complete and restart your machine. If you run into any issues post a comment or questions post a comment.

  • Alen

    Installation is very very slow and fedora runs like a slow motion movie! Same thing happened when I installed ubuntu 13 earlier. Is there any solution for this?

    • Big O

      Hi, what are the specs for your machine ram, cpu etc? Also what size swap did you create for fedora or ubuntu if its too small it will affect performance. Comment back or use the contact form to get a hold of me.

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