How to install Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager

Ok this is a very basic how to set up so if you need more detail leave me a comment and I promise to respond asap.   click to download  great free software.

( By the way I also have a  how to install Fedora 18 using Virtual Box guide.)


Alright sorry about the size of the picture I have a big ass monitor.  In the bios you have to make sure this setting is turned on if its not you wont be able to virtualize any operating system.  I’ve used this program in the past and it’s always worked great for what I need.


Once you make sure your bios settings are correct then you install the program. This are the settings I use. The boxes are all in white because that means everything will be installed on my hard drive.


you will see this pop up a few times just hit install each time or hit always trust software from oracle box and it will auto install and not show you anymore of this notices. That’s the simplest way to install this software If you need any help let me know comment and i will respond asap.


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