How to remove power steering pump c1500 97 chevy 5.7 L

First off I did this about 4 or 5 times on my truck so I will explain how I did it.

Pump on top,below pulley,tensioner right  hose on the left.

I ran into an issue in my truck where my power steering went out and I changed the power steering once with a mechanic and shortly the power steering went out again. So we changed the pump again and it went out again. So this time my father and I decided to do the job ourselves. This can be done with hand tools but it takes longer.

With a wrench or crowfoots set remove the power steering lines. If you still have oil in the power steering reservoir make sure you get it out because if not it makes a big mess when you remove the lines.You have to use a pulley puller to get the pulley off to remove the bolts that hold on the pump as you can see in the above picture.

Without air tools it takes a lot of turning to remove a pulley use air tools if you can. You will need to buy or rent a GM pulley remover set. After you re install the new pump refill it with power steering oil. You might have to remove the air bubbles from the lines so raise the front of the truck up so both tires are off the ground and place it on a jack stand.

Make sure the truck is turned off.Once the truck is in the air rotate the steering wheel all the way a dozen times to the left and a dozen times to the right this will make the air bubbles get out your lines.

So after my father and I  installed  another pump we still had no power steering. I lost count how many pumps we switched I think it was 5 but in the end I changed out the tensioner the power steering hoses and the pulley just in case and still no power steering. So we got a used power steering pump from the junk yard and it came with it’s own steering sensor which we swapped with our stock sensor in our new  power steering pump and viola power steering again !!. When ever we switched power steering pumps we kept using the original sensor that came with the truck so that’s why our new pumps never worked. This sensor blocks fluid in the pulley to create a tight steering wheel during sharp turns. GM phased that out after the 97 model because of that issue where it would make the pump stop working.     Example shown below.

This sensor was the culprit.

So yes we never changed out this sensor and my dad kept telling me to change it out and change it out but i never did. So if we would have we would have saved ourselves about 5 Saturdays of wasted time.

It’s not hard to do this job if you need me to go into more detail just leave a comment or message me.