How to Root ICS/GB on T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

All right first of this is how I rooted this phone. There are different ways of rooting a phone but this is how I did it. If you don’t know what you are doing and or break your shit that’s your fault.  Ask Me for help first if you are nervous about doing this. 


You will need to download this before we start

and you will also need a usb cord for your phone to hook up to your computer.

Windows 7 automatically found the drivers for my phone if your phone wont install let me know.


OK this Zip file has 4 files it has Odin 3 v1.85 and cwm-super su and recovery cmw. The other file is just a config file for Odin don’t mess with it.   Follow my steps to the letter if you see something weird or don’t follow the steps right you gonna fuck up or your phone.

Odin is an awesome program you can reflash phones with it fix the boot on this phones update the modem info. You can do so much shit with this program I don’t even know the half of it to be honest. I’ve used it a few times to do different things but this how to only covers rooting the phone. This might work for other phones in fact I know it does but since I  personally write about things I actually do not just copy and paste articles like other sites.

About Download Mode:

  • Download Mode is a state your phone can be in that allows you to flash firmware through Odin or other desktop software.
  • When in Download Mode, you will see a triangle with an Android image in it and it says “Downloading…”
  • If you are stuck on the ‘Downloading…” screen, you can just remove and re-insert the battery then power the phone back on.
  • If you are flashing firmware while in download mode, then you unplug it or remove the battery, your phone probably won’t turn on any more.
  • Download Mode is essentially the same as Boot loader Mode.


  1. Make sure your phone is completely turned off.
  2. Plug in the USB cord to your computer
  3. Hold down both volume buttons on your phone and plug-in the other end of the USB cable.
  4. Sorry about the picture quality but I had a lot of shit in the background no time to clean up my desk.
This is what you will see that is normal we want to see that shit. Hit volume up to continue obviously. This is what you want to see next so far so good

OK FIRST we have to install a custom recovery menu if you fuck it up or your phone messes up somehow down the road.

You should see something similar like this pop up on your Odin

This is very important pay attention. Click on the pda button seen above and find the file named recovery-cmw-hercules.tar. Its going to be one of the 4 files you download from my server.  Once you select that make sure you do not touch anything else do not change anything else don’t touch anything else don’t even look at anything else.  THE only thing that should be checked as pictured above is the auto reset. Once you find the file hit the start button. The process only takes a minute or so.  Once its done your phone will reset.


Once your phone reboots, connect to your computer as a disk drive and copy the file to your phone this is the Super Su app basically this is what gives you the power !!! hell yeah !!

Power down your phone. Once you power it down  Hit both volume keys and hold them down and hold down the power button your phone will vibrate as soon as it vibrates let go of the power button only. Then you will see the recovery screen once you see that screen let go of the volume buttons.

Choose either “choose zip from sdcard” or “choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on where you put the file in Find the file I would post a pic of where I have my file saved but I have a shitload of files fuck it i decided to post a pic see what i mean i have a lot of roms and kernels and things like that.


Anyways once you find the file place the cursor on it and select it with the power button. When you hit the power button it’s going to ask you if you are sure its going to give you like 10 options for no and one option for yes scroll to the yes and hit the power button.


This is the result of a successful install. Once you see this your phone will restart if it does not just place the cursor on the reboot phone and hit the power button bam finished.

This is as simple as i can put it. This can be very easy or very complicated but that depends on you and your phone.    Any questions or anything like that just leave me a comment. 

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