The Hypocrisy of modern day hoochies part 1.1

As an addendum to Big O’s earlier post about these broads who go out and say one thing but do another.

“I just want a guy who will treat me right”

It’s interesting to think about the modern day woman nowadays and how they go about doing what they do and how they justify their actions. Somehow they can tell themselves and convince themselves that giving a good guy advice on how to land a girl like her is to be nice, be himself, and make sure all her needs are met yet she hooks up with the tall guy with a five a lock shadow and a tight band t-shirt who forgets her name after the first hour. It’s become apparent that what they say doesn’t always correlate with what they do. I ain’t mad though. You can’t blame Tammy.


Another example is homegirl who is a friend of mine on a certain social media site who is all about GIRL POWER™. She is always on her womens rights game and thats all good, heey get it girl, but as much as she thinks she’s this beacon of egalitarianism she is more than willing to not be equal when it comes to dudes. Don’t tell her women are supposed to cook! That’s a sexist stereotype, you pig! But saying that no dude should ever be seen in a Miata because obviously thats not manly enough[emphasis mine]. She so silly.


I digress. It’s all good though. All you have to do is call them out on their shit every meow and then to keep the peace.


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