I Got Ditched Twice By The Same Female On The Same Night

After going out on a wonderful first date with this female I figured our second date would be awesome and fun again.  So the day arrives that we are supposed to go out. That same day she freaks out and starts telling me she is not ready for a relationship and she wants us only to be friends and is not into rushing into anything. I completely agree and we agree that we should go out to this party and hang out and meet her best friends and hang out talk and have a good time. That night there was a lot of rain it was raining pretty bad and at that time one of the tires on my car was kinda slick and my heater was going out.  Against my best judgement I decide to test fate and decided to go forward on to the jaws of  death.

She lives almost 30 miles away from me and it was raining pretty harsh and still I got on the freeway driving slowly barely being able to see. Not long in my journey a pickup truck decides I’m going to slow on the freeway and goes around me at a fast rate of speed on my left side towards the last left lane.  Shortly after that pick up loses control hits the left side wall of the freeway and starts going in circles 360 motions  across the freeway I swerve  to the left as the truck was twisting to the right. I barely missed that truck by inches. The guy driving the truck hits the right side wall of the freeway and he jumps out and looks at his truck so seeing this I assumed he was ok and kept on driving.


Not long after that I decided to travel in the middle side of the freeway I was traveling at 55 mph  and this time a truck decides to go around my right for some reason instead of my left like you’re supposed to. This guy loses control and slams into the right side of the freeway wall but then bounces and crosses all lanes towards the left side of the freeway so again I barely missed hitting this truck and swear to its right. The guy ends up hitting the left wall and comes to a stop I can see him hit the steering wheel with his fist and I figured he was ok and I kept on driving.  By this time I am running late and I got lost twice but I finally made it to my destination.

So after almost dying a few times on the freeway again we get on the freeway to go to this party. We stop at a gas station and my arm was twisted ended up buying this people beer. I don’t know anyone there but i have to buy them beer. Ok I guess I did not want to be rude so I buy the beer.  We get to the party and its cool people are drinking smoking hanging out no problem everyone starts having fun playing dominoes and spitting fire over instrumental beats.  More people arrive and I get introduced around the group. I get to meet my homegurls ex boyfriend and he ask me if we are dating or seeing each other. No we are not we are just hanging out.

Shortly after that everyone gets cosy on the sofa and so there is no more room for me to sit. So I stand near the kitchen and talk to people playing dominoes. During most of the night those 2 are having a good time flirting and stuff and having me bring them beers like a bitch. After a while I decided to call Crapable and tell her of what was going on and the current situation I am in. She ask me a few questions and then after answering all of them she tells me why are you there ? I told you we was supposed to hang out have some drinks and just talk but the entire night she hasn’t talked to me at all. She told me then what the fuck are you doing there and if she only needed a ride then why did you stay ? So I decided to leave right when I was about to tell homegirl if she was going to stay or go she tells me if its cool  that her and her ex and a friend are going to go get some party accessories.

you lied to me and tricked me

So obviously I ask why do you have to go she says because they don’t have a phone and she has one.  So they can’t borrow your phone ? I ask    no was her only reply.  Obviously they thought I was stupid because so many people there and they could only take her and her cell phone come on now don’t be so naive. I tell her fine I don’t have a choice I was your ride how long is it going to take you to go and come back she said a few mins at the most. I said fine.  That was mistake # 4 by now I’m so stupid Jeez. Again I fall victim to giving people the benefit of the doubt. Anyways it gets better.

They leave so again I decided to call Marie to brief her on what’s going on and to ask her if maybe I’m overreacting. She calmly said no you’re being played like a bitch I would’ve left a long time ago. So I waited for about 20 mins and I see them arrive and go inside. I wait about 5 minutes to finish my conversation with Marie and I walk inside to tell her I’m leaving. I could not find her. I looked outside and inside and nothing so I was just going to leave when someone said she was in the restroom with her ex. I still gave her the benefit of the doubt (like a dumbass that I am obviously)  and though maybe they just doing lines in their or something but no they starting making out and all kinds of shit in there who knows what else. I guess they got fed up with people knocking and decided to stop or maybe they were finished who knows and she walks out I tell her I’m leaving she ask me why.

So I calmly tell her that the entire night we didn’t have one conversation she spent most of the night talking to her ex. 2nd she was making out or fucking her ex in the bathroom and ditched me twice pretty much for her ex. I know we are not dating or anything but if you just needed a ride to a party to fuck your ex you should have just said so I had other things I could have done. She said it’s not like that it’s not her fault she didn’t know he was going to be there and she was sorry so I just said ok I’m ok started walking away. She then stated what about you ? you wanted to take me next weekend to your home boys house-warming party to show me off for when your ex got there to make her jealous.  I sure did want to take you because I thought you was better than her and of course i wanted to show you off in front of all my friends we agreed on that beforehand I came out clean and told you i wanted to do that. I would have never ditched you like a bitch to fuck my ex in a bathroom.


Once i got to my car she asked if she could have a hug can you believe that shit ?  I said no she asked me if I was going to drop her from FB I don’t know I responded I don’t know what I’m going to do exactly. So I thought about it and decided to give her a hug because I don’t know honestly If I was ever going to hang out with her again.  Right when I’m about to get in my car her ex appears comes up to me and ask me why I’m leaving i told him i have a far drive and it’s getting late. (I had wasted about 4 hours and almost died twice for nothing) I told him don’t worry she is staying he said don’t worry I’ll take care of her.  I’m sure he did.

So I left, the whole way home I was pissed of man I was so mad at myself I should’ve left that party a long time ago and fate or the devil or god did not want going to that party obviously. I got so mad I’m afraid to admit I teared up and filled up with rage.  I was beating the steering wheel on my car. Crapable  called me and asked me what happened and she was mad as well. She said It’s my fault in the end I should’ve left a long time ago  she was right.  I never had anything like this happened before I never been ditched in any way or stood up or anything. I could not even tell my friends about it for about a week because I was so embarrassed.

What did I learn a lot of shit man I need to stop listening to my heart and listen to logic more.  I need to stop being so naïve and start being upfront with people stop being nice to people who don’t deserve it. This female and I are still friends for now.  Almost everyone told me to stop being friends with someone who could disregard me so easily and doesn’t appreciate what I do and how nice I am. For a while I put all that in the back burner and started falling in like with this friend but after thinking about it and remembering this awful night then I think fuck that I’m better off.  Why should I travel often to hang out with someone who won’t come out and hang out with me just so I can be friend zoned fuck that I’ll trade a female who has friend zoned me that lives a few miles away vs hanging out with someone who enrolled me into a level 99 friend zone that lives way further and won’t hang out with me here. Why be nice to someone who treats me like a plan B ?


Maybe I’m just crazy maybe I’m just taking crazy pills it’s all me ?