I Realize Now How Wonderful It Is What We Have,had

Before you say anything just let me talk ok? Your right we broke up our relationship with out really thinking about it and I’ve learned over the past few days that life is mainly filled with superficial surface encounters and I realize now how wonderful it is what we have. I’m begging you to take me back I’m sorry.

come back
  • Jairo

    you need to have more pride in yourself homey. if she moved on FDB she ain’t worth it. get at me bro. we got some real shit to talk about.

    • Big O

      This post is not about me I’m single been single.

  • Take him back, Nicole. He obviously loves you. <3

    • Big O

      Don’t take him back he ugly lol

      • Quit stroking the furry walls, yo. He ain’t Vin Diesel, but he’s got heart. BOOM! Besides, every gal LOVES a guy that can produce laughter. RNS. #FunnyGuysGetToFinishWithASmile

        • Big O