It's very easy to carry the past around with you.

we do not heal the past by dwelling there

It’s very easy to carry the past around with you.To think about what happened yesterday or a year ago or 20 years ago.To think you could have done something different that would have made things better.Or link all the memories together into a story and calling it ‘me.’ But it’s all nonsense.What happened even 20 seconds ago has nothing to do with what you are now.

From the perspective of the mind you are this person that stretches back in time. You are the sum
of all of your memories. But this is only mental chatter. It has nothing to do with what you truly are. Truly, meaning not what you think yourself to be but what is here beyond all the thinking nonsense.

No matter what you may think about it, you are alive in this moment. Yesterday is not alive; yesterday is nonexistent. Right now, there is the undeniable sense of life beyond all the useless definitions and descriptions. Right now life is happening and it is your choice whether you are alive in this moment or you choose to distract yourself about endless commentaries of what happened before, what might happen later and what to call this moment so the mind can understand it.

If you choose in this moment to experience yourself alive then you are radiance. It is no easy task, it requires your complete attention to remain here on what is really going on in this moment. Not your ideas about what is going on, not your knowledge of what it felt like 10 seconds ago to be alive in this moment.

But right here; living is happening, life is happening. Not for your body or your mind or any of that nonsense. You allow all that to be but you look past it. Something much bigger, life itself in its totality radiating even exploding in this moment  with such force that it belittles the mind, belittles the idea of this self-important ‘you’ with all its problems and desires.

It’s not really about getting a certain pleasure or attainment but being alive, being willing enough  to truly feel life happening in this moment and remaining alive,remaining attentive to the direct experience that life is happening forever and ever in this moment.

To remain immersed in the source of life that is lighting up the whole show. If you even think about it you miss it. If you know it you miss it. It is too simple for understanding. Too close to you to even be seen. You can only be and recognize being, which are really the same thing.You fully recognize being in this moment and there is no room for anything else.Consciousness takes up the whole view.