So I just bought a new car yesterday !

Am I the only one who hates going to dealerships ?  having to deal with high pressure tactics or lies or haggling ?  Well I like to haggle I want to get the best deal.  I had a total in my head of the total walk out amount which included ttnl set around 16K. I’ve owned fords , pontiacs , chevys and toyotas and if I had to purchase a used car i would only consider a import or maybe a chevy.  Never had any luck with fords.  I currently own a 1990 Nissan d21 and a 2002 trailblazer.  Those cars have not failed me and run well.

At Metro Volkswagen they were nice and listened to what I wanted.  They did not waste my time with dealer add ons that I did not want.  I saved about 3 or 4 k by shopping here.  I tried Clay Cooley on Lemmon but the total price out the door was 16.5k and does not including any dealer options.

I got an S class 5 speed stick shift and it has turbo.   This car is fast.   It handles well and  so far on half a tank I’ve driven about 300 miles.  averaging 38 mpg .  The stereo has bluetooth and a sd card reader .  The 5 inch screen is not the biggest around but it does the job.  The reverse camera is low quality but most of the ones i’ve seen are like that.  I haven’t seen many stick shift cars with cruise control but this one has it. 


If you have any questions about the experience or car  leave a comment. If you get the runaround at other dealerships just go to metro volkswagen