This is why chivalry is dead,great example of ungrateful girls.

Maybe I’m crazy to think this is sweet and nice and should be appreciated.This poor bastard took the time to do all this for his girl and she didn’t like it or would go for that? what a bitch. Most guys would never ever do something like that not because they are assholes it’s just because its unorthodox. Daisy if it takes you that long in a relationship to find out your man is possessive then you’re dumber than you look and this scares you ? you got bigger mental issues. Scared of someone doing something nice for you come on What the hell is wrong with you. Marilyn I bet you the type of broad who preaches feminism,bitches about all guys being the same.Geee I wonder why that happens to you. Get the stick out of your asses and learn to appreciate.
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