Make Peace with your past so it doesn't spoil your present.

Recently met someone went out on a few dates and I thought everything was great. Is it just me I hate starting over each time.This is what I call the dating game. Getting to know someone go out a few times invest time and energy and then comes the baggage. Don’t get me wrong everyone has baggage but this is ridiculous.This was a short-lived tale.A bad merger of insecurity and anger management issues prevented us from going forward with building any kind of friendship yet relationship. So what caused the issue you ask?

What was the horrendous crime I committed? Not returning a text message .  In the weeks we dated I would often text this female and frequently I would not get an acknowledgement. I never thought much of it I figured she was busy. So she accuses me of treating her like another notch on my belt. She figured since I hit it I was ready to quit it just because one day I receive a text message from her to which I respond but never hear back from her. 

The next day I call and get bitched out and accused of just using her for sex. I was half asleep when I called and did not feel like arguing so I save my breath. I was told that she requires a lot more attention and that I have been acting funny ever since we had sex. Not only did I remind this girl that I could send her a screenshot of the text I sent to her  or provide phone records but I was the one who always asked her what she was doing and everyday she had her plate full. 

 anger management for dummies

I apologized for making her feel that way and I assured her that I would make it a priority to make sure we spend more time together because I wanted that as well.She went on to say that it’s not the first time she heard that and she proceeded with a prompt I have to go and hung up. That was it I got unfriended,unfollowed and ignored. No explanation no adult discussion just a childish reaction to a misunderstanding. 

I’m glad this ended now before I got more involved. I don’t have time to deal with childish games and  playing the part of a psychiatrist. If you are insecure and have anger management issues get that shit taken care of people don’t waste people’s time with that bullshit.  

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