Marie Saga (3 of 4)

lying bitch

Let me start by stating that unless you  been betrayed by someone you invested a lot of love, energy, time, faith, and money into then don’t judge me by the actions I took in this tale. Back then when these events occurred I looked for the good in people and trusted them without knowing them completely. Now people have to earn their trust with me. I did not include everything in this post there is shit that I won’t say because it’s so fucked up. Having said that things got worse between her and I she would say she was going to hang out with her home girl and leave in the afternoon and come back 12 hours later. Yeah I know this shit won’t fly with most of you but I was naïve back then I had full faith in this bitch so I trusted her.

She would spend a lot of time at her grandmother’s house I asked her why she was doing that and her answer was because she got bored with being home all day. So I got her a cell phone and I added her as a driver to my insurance plan and sometimes I would leave her my car so she could use it. At this time I was living in North Dallas off Forest Ln and 635 and life was great. As time went on her absence increased. I would get home from work and she wasn’t there. I would leave to work the next day and the bitch wasn’t there.

So I thought maybe she is bored of being here all alone everyday that’s why she does this maybe we don’t go out enough. So we began to go out more and eat out more and I would take her to get her nails did and all that shit. Things I never did for any of my exes before.  During this time I saw signs of her using and I would ask her if she was using again and she would say no. She knew that if she did start using I would break up with her and she would have to move out. Things got worse she would never be around and my friends and family would come around and ask me where Marie was and honestly I dint know so I would just tell them she is at her grand mothers house. 

Those that know me well  know that I don’t like strangers visiting my house because I don’t know them and don’t trust strangers in my house well this harpy would bring all kinds of people over that I dint know. Drugs alcohol and bitches would be all over the place sometimes.  During this time I learned the precious art of making cheese and cooking dope and all kinds of bullshit. So obviously these events started bothering m, I began to ask my friends for advice. I asked Martin Prince what I should do and he always told me to break up with her and leave her bitch ass.  I would talk to Alicia and many times she would tell me to stop being gay but sometimes she would give me advice.

As time progressed things got worse I started to feel lonely and miss this bitch and think about her all the time.  I actually cared about this bitch and worried about her and wanted us to build something better but she was selfish. She admitted it once actually after an argument we had that she was not looking for work and dint want to look for work and she was sorry about that. During this time  I started drinking more and hanging out with friends more and when I asked them for advice they would all say the same thing  if she isn’t helping you move forward in life then break up.