Meanwhile in Connecticut gun confiscations have begun,right to bear arms suspended.

To halt and prevent terrorism by freedom fighting patriots and to ensure the common good martial law has been decreed by his majesty Emperor Obama. The following rights have been formally amended.

  1. Right to bear arms suspended.
  2. Right for assembly suspended.
  3. Right to Habeas Corpus suspended.
  4. Right to legal counsel suspended
  5.  Right to a jury of peers suspended.

By decree according to martial law anyone caught with a weapon or associating with a person who has a weapon and or convicted of weapon crimes will be arrested. Then sent to one of the several strategically located FEMA camps around the US. To those who have submitted to gun registration please give up your weapons or they will be taken from your cold dead hands. 

Thanks  sincerely ,

Emperor Obama

the last remnants of the old republic have been swept away