Media is silent. Where's the outrage ?

Nowadays if a light complected person kills a black person that automatically makes them white in the eyes of the media. That is the best way to sell papers and get everyone’s attention. When I first heard about the Zimmerman case I was outraged and thought to myself another white person is getting away with murder. I did the logical thing and actually investigated the facts myself. Then I found out that Zimmerman was not white as the media reported over and over, he was latino. Not only that he is not racist he has helped the black community in many ways I won’t go into every detail  at the moment but if you don’t believe me then look it up. 

When I get  into a debate with someone over the Zimmerman case they always bring up that he shot an unarmed person. First off let me say that no one’s child should die so young that’s a tragedy. I will also say that you should not go around assaulting people either.  I will state a fact based on personal experience this is not me being racist but almost every black person I spoke with agreed that its ok to burglarize homes and use drugs and assault people and attempt to murder them but it’s not ok for a victim to defend themselves. Most of the people I get into a debate with don’t even know that Zimmerman used to tutor black teens and help them with their homework but yet still call him racist. Moving on now this black young adults killed a white guy for no reason and white people get mad and now they white people are racist because they want justice. 

What kind of shit is that. It’s ok for black people to kill but it’s not ok to kill black people is that the message?  I don’t get that I’m just saying its fucked up. To even talk about this killing and demand justice is racist now. What’s wrong with people who think living the thug live of robbing and killing and selling and doing drugs is the way to live? Where are the parents this days?  Parents who don’t raise their kids rights and their kids end up paying  assaulting people or killing innocent people ?  I must be taking crazy pills every generation after the next just gets dumber and dumber.