Men Here's a list of the unattractive qualities that you can demonstrate using your clothing.

99 % of females won’t go for any of things things so don’t do them. 


– Dressing like a “nice guy.”

Women are not attracted to nice guys because they are not dominant.”Nice guys” are submissive to women and to other men in most situations. 

– Dirty looking or poorly groomed.

There’s a fine line between that “rugged look” and looking dirty. A little bit of stubble can be good because it looks like you’re not trying too hard. But you have to be careful of looking dirty in general. It communicates that you have no self-respect, and you will be viewed as a social liability. 


– Afraid of standing out.

Trying too hard to blend in shows that you are a fearful person with no identity of his own.Again the turn off is a lack of dominance.

– Standing out too much.

Stand out too much and you’ll look like an attention whore. This can be bad in a few different ways. You might attract negative attention, making you a social liability to the people around you. You might look ignorant about the cultures and subcultures around you.

– Trying too hard

This can make you look too submissive, as you’re trying too hard to please other people.The ironic part is that in the beginning you are going to have to try hard. It just shouldn’t look like you tried hard. Trying hard is not elite.Yes, that’s right, you are going to have to put in time and effort to learn about fashion and put together a look for yourself. But when you’re done, it shouldn’t look like you stood in front of the mirror all day obsessing over what to wear. Obsessing too much about one particular outfit is not masculine, it’s girly. The hard work happens in the beginning, when you educate yourself and shop for a new look. After that it shouldn’t be too difficult. 


– Scared of confrontation.

This goes back to the “blending in” thing. Women are drawn to men who are they think would be tough in a confrontation. If you try too hard to blend in, women will speculate that you might be a pussy.

-Too worried about what others think.

I think we all know a guy like this, someone who’s just so self-conscious that it’s a drag to be around him. This is something that you can communicate with your choices in clothing.

– Dismissive about the importance of fashion and image.

Some guys really don’t care about looking good and being in style. These are the same kinds of guys who burp in public and hardly ever get laid. Don’t get lumped in with these guys. 

– Has an outdated look.

Some guys stick with one look for way too long. A decade or more goes by, and they still look the same. With a guy like this, women assume that he’s “out of touch” in general. This shows a lack of access to resources.