How NetCon is calculated for AES radios (PART 2)

How can there be several IDs at the top preference locations in a Routing Table, which have a Good Signal Quality (SQ) and yet have a NetCon of 7?
If NetCon is 7 and there are what appears to be Good SQ IDs at the top of the list, then there is something else that is preventing the Subscriber from considering the ID as Good.It may be that the NetCon of the #1 listed ID has itself got a NetCon of 7. A Subscriber can’t be better than the best (#1) ID listed in its routing table.
It may be that there are some faults being reported by the ID, which are not displayed in the information presented to you.Signal Quality is only one factor in determining if a listed ID is “good” to decrement NetCon.

The list of what is considered good:

Signal above a threshold. (SQ=Good)
No Faults reported. (i.e. low battery, AC fail)
Link Layer better than current LL of this Subscriber.
NetCon is less than 7

  • I truly wish all salesmen and women would take an actual subscriber unit and the handheld programmer with them to test signal strength like I do! AES Network Connectivity Tool has proven unreliable on several occasions. It is also nice with the handheld programmer that you can see what you mentioned above, the SQ but also you can see the Link Layer and NetCon of the 2 best paths your radio is getting. There are so many times I have come across an AES with a NetCon 5 itself but when checking the routing tables it does not have 2 “good paths” therefore deeming it non-compliant with NFPA 72 which means during a UL audit it will also be non-compliant. On another note, AES Radio’s operate on 2-way RF but it is Listed by UL as a 1-Way Private Radio. Anyone who may have a Certificate on a system most likely has it on the certificate as 2-Way Private Radio. End of my rambling as I am sure you don’t care. : -) I still have to email you those photos!

    • for a while the nct tools we had were off. so after talking to aes they made us send all our nct tools for recalibration. i don’t trust those things but half the time they work ok. we run into situations where someone goes to a roof and test the site using the nct tool and they get a netcon 5. then they run 100 ft of cable and can barely get a netcon 6. i have to explain to techs that the 100 ft of cable is adding lot’s of resistance so it drops the strength down. o the ul thing they have a note

      7744F (*2), 7788F (*2) Subscriber unit one-way RF transceivers 1. The transceiver functions using two-way rf principles.