Obama Supporter Would Rather Be Murdered Than Use Gun In Self Defense

Guns are bad

Can you believe this bitch said she rather get shot and killed than defend herself. Can you fucking believe that shit. That bitch is saying she wants to your right to defend yourself taken away so someone can rape you or your kids and get away with it or break into your home and hurt you or your family because guns are bad. Someone please oblige this woman.


Video link Obama Supporter Would Rather Be Murdered Than Use Gun In Self Defense

Do not let the media brainwash you into thinking guns are bad. Ignorant irresponsible people and criminals are the ones who should not own guns that goes with out saying. Would you let someone hurt you or your family because you are anti gun ?  Seriously I can’t get over how stupid this ladies comment is. I feel like I am taking crazy pills. If anyone tries to hurt my family I will stop them with anything around me be it my hands a chair knife a Xbox controller what ever shit I wont need a gun.

Idiots that say police can handle anything  just regurgitate what the media has fed them. How are you going to state something like that knowing that an average 911 response time lets say here in Dallas can range from 3 to 5 minutes.  In that time you could have been robed,raped,killed,kids kidnapped and or know knows what else.

Why do people defend the right to be a victim instead of the right to defend yourself  I will never get that ???


  • Ron

    Alex Jones and Ted Nugent are obviously your heroes. Why not just give every living thing in Merica an AK47 and get rid of your police. You’d save millions of dollars.
    -Canadian libtard sheeple (there i saved you writing the usual conservative insults).

  • Are you from Canada because I like Canada having said that my heroes are all men and women who uphold our constitution. For example our troops some politicians and some police. You insulting my heroes includes insulting our troops which makes you a horrible person worst than someone who kicks puppies.