Online Dating The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Just had a conversation with a friend of mine explaining her recent adventures dealing with men and their profiles on dating sites.  She tells me she runs into a lot of immature guys on dating websites. For those ladies out there looking for a mature man just send me a message 🙂 anyways    I posted a screen shot below of a recent message she received from a potential date.


Ok so that’s funny right and I guess you can say the guy was a pervert but at least he was honest right?  The problem now a day is they are too many immature people online looking for flings and nothing serious.  Decent mature woman and men exist on date sites but one of the problems in my opinion is the amount of slut/hoes and easy female profiles outnumber the girls you can take home to mom sort of speak.  They do have better quality dating sites but they cost money and most are overpriced. So honestly we get what we pay for.




Not that I’m picking sides or anything but a lot of profiles that I view have woman in short skirts or low-cut shirts showing off their tits or showing a lot of leg. Some profiles have girls bending over or simply dressed in bra and panties. Then we have my favorite type of profiles where you have women clapping without hands or pussy popping on a handstand. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about that, they have the right to do that but the point being is if you going to look like a slut then you will get treated like a slut simple enough.  Me personally I treat people the way they treat me but yes some guys are just looking for an easy meal and roam the wild dating site jungles.




Another thing that grinds my gears is many times out in public you will see women with very low-cut blouses or short skirts and or tight pants or tight shirts. They go around parading their parts and have the nerve to get offended when people look.  Just because you wear a slut uniform as I like to call it don’t make you a slut right?  Well if you don’t want anyone looking at you like that then doesn’t give them a reason simple enough.   To you nice mature women out there looking for the right man I wish you good luck and patience.



Sincerely, a former immature pervert .

  • TheBrownMan

    What I’ve observed (and many other dudes have, just google it) is that women on the internet have these ridiculous expectations about what they want in a man and they “refuse to settle for less”. Thats fine and dandy but most of the times these broads have nothing to offer in return besides being a woman. They have a laundry list of things dudes must have to get a date from them. Whos to blame them, though? The internet will give them all the attention they want. These women are the same ones that complain about “where all the good guys are”.

    • You took the words right out of my brain and manifested them into digital type kind sir. I agree with you 100 percent. Most females won’t love a ese with a bus pass anymore. He has to have a large car big house big bank account. Then you have females who say they want a man with a extremely large penis. Well excuse us average guys for not being able to throw our hot dogs down your hallway. If you have that problem ladies then don’t skip anymore leg days.