People of the USA your congress is bought,money and politics are the root of all political evil.

We have a real problem.  Politicians who are bought with money only follow orders. Every day the national debt increases. Trillions of dollars are being extracted from this country through taxes or banks and trade. No one is stepping up to come up with a permanent solution they just keep passing the buck.  Raising the spending limit just puts a band-aid on the problem and gives it enough time for the next guy to deal with. Your congress is incapable of making legislation on trading,banking,healthcare and taxes. Any great ideas will be thrown out due to the fear of a politician getting cut off by his or her sponsors.   

Usually in the past presidents have stepped up to the plate and pulled us out of wars and economic problems. During the civil war we had Lincoln in WWII we had Teddy Roosevelt who bypassed the bought congress and lifted this country out of the shit hole it was in. That is what we need a president who is not in bed with mega banks who run our country. We need to have a president who will not bow down to corporate money. 


The last time we had a president with balls got he assassinated and that is sad but what if we had a president who wasn’t a big pussy or a puppet or a pussy puppet he would take back control of our money. Fall back to money backed by gold and print our own money not money owned by the Federal Reserve.  Start loaning money to back small business change trading laws enhance tax laws and cut excess spending on wars fought for Exxon and big oil companies no more blood for oil. 

Perhaps I am taking crazy pills but until control is reestablished by our government laws and the economy will come from those who handle our money. Big corporations and big banks don’t give a fuck about who starves to death or gets injured they just care about profit plain and simple gotta love our capitalist society.